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  • Future Ready Now Hackathon: Delaware, Dec 2022
  • AAB Justice Sandox with Aventiv Technologies, Nov 2022
  • Echoing Green Big Bold Benefit, Oct 2022
  • AWS GovSummit, Oct 2022
  • Worth, Wealth and Health Retreat, Sept 2022
  • Equitech Tuesday, Sept 2022
  • MLK Luncheon / NFL Event, Sept 2022
  • AWS GovTechStart Member and Partner Event at Capital One Arena, Sept 2022
  • Kapor, Sept 2022
  • BLACK CLOUD® TECH SUMMIT, A tech hub for black trailblazers, June 2022
  • AWS GovTechStart Government Innovation Workshop, May 2022
  • "City Solutions Forum" Featuring New Bedford - LaunchPad 11, April 2022

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