R3 Score

Mission: Launch is excited to incubate R3 Score

R3 Score - risk models that move people beyond criminal records and transforms their trajectory 

What Is R3 Score?

R3 Score creates risk models to move people beyond criminal records. The criminal background screening process is a gatekeeper to opportunities that lead to economic security. Mission: Launch seeks to disrupt this process by supporting the development of an algorithm, known as R3 Score, which is fair but also demonstrates the strengths of individuals living with records. We use widely accepted indicators and collected data to produce a score, which displays a more holistic view of an individual beyond their criminal past. Eventually we want R3 Score to replace the standard criminal background check and see millions of Americans be hired for more jobs, become self-employed and wisely use mainstream financial products and services.

Where Did The Idea Come From?

In 2015 the co-founders, Laurin Leonard (Hodge) and Teresa Hodge, were faced with an internal dilemma of whether or not to recommend an individual living with a record for a high profile opportunity. After nearly 3 days of deliberation and research it came down to a data-led, gut level decision. This caused them to question if there was a more efficient way to vet candidates. They were seeking a tool that could appropriately weigh risk and reputation management without losing sight of fairness while taking a strengths-based approach rather than one that viewed a record as an automatic deficit. After exploring existing tools it was determined that there was a need to create a new product. With the idea validated, Laurin and Teresa set out to create R3 Score. Laurin stayed internal to Mission: Launch while Teresa went on to become a national advocate for opportunities in tech for individuals with records by way of an Open Society Soros Justice Fellowship, which opened doors for the acceleration of R3 Score through Unlocked Futures.