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Bank on 100 Million, and our credit checking platform, R3 Score, is a reliable resource for workplaces to make informed decisions when considering candidates for positions. Most jobs, from middle to low income, to higher income, do background checks – but the traditional criminal background check system is biased against people living with records.

More and more businesses are starting to recognize that they need to diversify and implement policies to cultivate a corporate culture that is focused on talent. The majority of people with records are people of color, and HR departments are struggling to navigate the background check process and understand who is trustworthy to hire.


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As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, our founder, Teresa Hodges found it impossible to get entry-level jobs after leaving a correctional facility. Today, her personal and professional experience gives her the unique ability to create a business model that serves employers and businesses as well as people with records.

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If you’re interested in consulting services to support your needs, such as addressing culture and policy in your workplace, we offer targeted and customized solutions for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consulting. Our experts also offer digital support and guidance in an online community.



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