Dr. Pamela Y. Keye

Director of Research and Design

Dr. Pamela Y. Keye

Dr. Pamela Y. Keye is a former superintendent and award-winning educator. As a justice-involved individual she is committed to educating and advocating on issues associated with the collateral consequences of incarceration as well as gender-responsive programming for women. She is the author of a forthcoming book documenting her own road to reentry and serves as a keynote speaker to academic, community, civic and business audiences both nationally and internationally.Pamela has successfully worked with individuals and organizations to design and evaluate programs and services that focus on research and evidence based practices that support the empowerment of returning citizens.

As the Director of Research and Design, Dr. Keye brings to the Mission: Launch team her technical skills as a researcher, instructional accountability systems thinker, and thought leader in education. Her keen insight and lived experiences are creating a platform of advocacy that supports not only the work of Mission Launch, but her desire to make a difference in the reentry space for justice-involved individuals especially women.

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