Pajamas & Charity


August 1st we were honored to have a small gathering of women join the General Bueño team for a private Pajama & Charity gathering. The group of fashion focused women came together to enjoy traditional late-night party treats, like popcorn and warm cookies with shots of milk, as well as a great photo booth! 

The Mission: Launch team loves all of the photos from the night, but we greatly appreciate the clothing donated. We left the night with bags of items to donate to women in need and to sell as a means to fund our community based work.

All and all it was a great night, 


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Rebuilding Re-entry

It feels like the year is officially beginning for our team here at Mission: Launch even though it is summertime. This mid-year, new year feeling is because we are officially announcing our Fall event. Rebuilding Re-entry is a social justice hack-a-thon in Washington, D.C. organized by myself and our team. We could not be more excited about the promise of bringing all of D.C. (and some neighboring states) together at Impact Hub. 

The team at Impact Hub has been outstanding in their reception to the idea and even helped to get the word out. This quick response has already led to several Washington, D.C. government offices signing up early to bring challenges and help move the city forward for returning citizens. If you are interested in participating please consider volunteering.

I am looking forward to seeing you in November, 




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