The Prototypes

Structured Innovation. Technology for social good. 

Mission: Launch, Inc. believes in the power of prototyping. This systems-design approach is critical to: identifying the problems and investing a small amount of resources while learning how best to intervene.

We  began unlocking the power of prototyping and software applications as a result of the 1st ever prison re-entry hackathon November 2014. During this 3-day event, we explored what community-owned, open source software could do to help clear a path to self-sufficiency for returning citizens. We also worked to discover what closed source solutions could do to achieve the same outcome.

Between November 2014 and June 2015, several projects were incubated. Below is a brief outline of which solutions are closed-source versus open-source. 

  • Open Source Code for D.C., Code for Progress and Hear Me Code incubated a criminal records sealing/expungement software application that will be community owned and open sourced
  • Open Source Code for America continued developing D.C. Open 211, which is an accessible method for identifying services and programs available for those in need
  • Closed Source Mission: Launch, Inc. funded the creation of a closed source fair chance employer tool that will support the "Ban the Box" policy  

Presently, we promote, build and incubate prototypes in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC designed to better coordinate pro-bono legal services, provide a more accurate referral system among area service providers and visualize where the reentry services are located in the respective cities. Our dedication to this outcome encourages the creation and oversight of both closed source software owned exclusively by Mission: Launch, Inc. as well as open source, community-owned software. Having this commitment ensures that some solutions reach maximum scale of impact while others stay grassroots and produce block-by-block change.