The Coalition

The Rebuilding Reentry Coalition - Mission: Launch’s signature program - is a five year strategic effort to better coordinate organizations, people, activities, information and resources so that reentry is more effective and efficient in our service areas.

A lack of coordinated service delivery results in wasted resources and lost opportunities, which can perpetuate cycles of systemic poverty, social discrimination, and increased rates of recidivism. Our goal is to ensure women and men - throughout the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, MD metropolitan regions - can better access the critical support they need when starting over.

Specifically, we spend eighteen months focused on identifying and prototyping tech driven solutions with those directly impacted by mass incarceration, as critical partners in the innovation process.

What makes our convenings special is that we structure our innovation. Beyond great ideas, we spend eighteen months focused on city-level implementation and remain committed to social impact measurements for up to two years.

Since 2014, we have successfully brought together hundreds of concerned citizens through our convenings in both D.C. and Baltimore. In order to maintain the momentum of our rapidly growing events, we will need your support.

Community partnerships and investments in our program will ensure that we are able to maintain our commitment to the elimination of bias and barriers, so that Returning Citizens can rejoin society and live out their full potential, contributing in meaningful ways.