SXSW - United State of Incarcerated Women

Co-founder, Teresa Hodge, will convene a SXSW panel in partnership with Google, Live to Give Foundation and the ACLU's campaign for Smart Justice focused on amplifying the voices of formerly incarcerated women.

The United State of Incarcerated Women While Lock Up and Orange Is the New Black is provocative the realities of enduring prison are anything but entertaining. One+ million women are under criminal justice supervision. One-in-four women have a family member in prison. We must honestly discuss the state of incarcerated women and the impact on us all. Engaging first person accounts as well as relevant data will be shared by four women with nearly 200 months of prison time, combined. These formidable agents of change will inform and equip audience members to join the growing criminal justice reform movement and help to unlock opportunities for millions of people living with an arrest and/or conviction record in the United States.

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