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A lack of coordinated service delivery results in wasted resources and lost opportunities for successful reintegration post incarceration. This perpetuates a cycle of systemic poverty, social discrimination, and increased rates of recidivism. The Rebuilding Reentry Coalition is the signature program of Mission: Launch, which brings together key stakeholders to improve service delivery throughout the Baltimore-Washington, DC Metro region. Primary and secondary service providers are engaged through meaningful cross sector convenings while multimedia campaigns are leveraged to increase awareness of pending justice system reform. 

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Digital Storytelling

1-in-31 Americans are under some form of correctional supervision. The face of prison not only includes people we are afraid of but is now populated with those who have disappointed us. Today, many first-time, non-violent offenders are serving lengthy prison terms. The current narrative of prison leans heavily to one tale. Often the story of prison revolves around minority men and/or drug and violent offenses, excluding so many other storylines. We are committed to shining a light on the untold stories of women coming home from prison or jail.


Mission: Launch is committed to building, testing, and reworking re-entry solutions until they are ready for successful integration into larger systems. The model of prototyping is a systems development method whereby assumptions are examined, feedback is quickly incorporated, and viability is demonstrated. Prototyping and accelerating the growth of sustainable solutions eliminates uncertainties and improves effectiveness.

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