Our Method



When building Mission: Launch, Inc. Laurin and Teresa Hodge followed The Lean Startup Methodology, which encourages piloting small versions of your idea, and pivoting until you find your unique impact. After nearly 5 years of strategic planning and pivoting we have found our core competency.    


Our path towards changing the status quo 

  • Vision: We envision an America that restores equity and creates sustainable opportunities for fresh starts so that citizens facing barriers due to an arrest and/or conviction record can live out their full potential by rejoining society and contributing in meaningful ways
  • Mission: Our mission is to accelerate self-sufficiency and improve social outcomes for Americans with an arrest and/or conviction record
  • Strategy: Convene key stakeholders to collectively identify and close gaps in service delivery while promoting microbusiness development as a means to closing the poverty loop caused by mass incarceration
  • Goal: See a 50% reduction in the recidivism rates and a 30% increase in the startup rates among the individuals and jurisdictions (governmental and non-governmental agencies) that engage with our solutions within a decade