Jessica Cobbett

Strategic Engagements Manager, Baltimore 

Jessica Cobbett 

Jessica Cobbett is an ardent advocate for social justice with a particular focus on racial and economic equality. Having grown up on three continents, Africa, North America and Europe, Jessica spent her formative years in the United States where she grew a deep appreciation for activism and grassroots social cohesion efforts. In September 2015, Jessica was awarded her Masters in Ethnicity and Multiculturalism from the University of Bristol, England. She moved back to Washington DC to start following her passion for social justice which is when she found Mission: Launch, Inc.

As the Strategic Engagements Manager, Jessica plays an important role in developing relationships with community members and potential partners for the growth and development of Mission: Launch, Inc.  Jessica recognizes the importance of engaging with local community members in Washington DC and Baltimore, MD to encourage inclusion and divergent perspectives on her work.

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